Long overdue Update!!!


Thanks to the delightful Sys Admin that I keep tucked away in the back room, I now have a glorious new website that I will be adding things to. Please bear with me and I will update all the projects I have been working on over the last few years.

It’s likely that I will be doing less cosplay these days but I WILL continue to make stuff.

More on the way!!!


lets not SPOIL the Party…

The puns are getting worse… I cannot apologise enough
Spoiler Alert!!

No really…I need to make the Spoiler, and fast

The spoiler stems are made from water noodles which were wrapped in sticky back plastic and coloured electrical tape, I then cut holes in the car slightly smaller than the stems so that they would be held in by tension.

the spoiler itself is made from a section of polystyrene painted pink and sandwhiched between 2 pieces of UVA matting that were convenently already the right shade of pink,

as most glues react to polystyrene we used a mixture of silicone and no more nails in order to hold it all together. Holes have been cut in the bottom of the spoiler for the stems to slot into

to make the clocolate “splodge” I cut the drip pattern from camping mat foam and coated it in the same brown silicone that I used for the body of the car.

Leaving it to dry overnight and am hoping it has enough time


I have 1 day left and so far i have on my to do list…




bonnet detail

“cream Filling”

seat detail


steering wheel

Needing to cut this list down I have sacrificed the following details as they arent really going to be seen and arent really vital to the look of the car:

seat detail


steering wheel

for the headlights and rearlights I bought some fake security camera domes from the pound shop and sprayed the inside of them with red glass paint, I also put a flashing LED inside so that they light up while I’m driving, I might change these to static LED’s as I think it will look a bit better

the white “mallow” headlight is made from a circular piece of upholstery foam trimmed in a matte fabric, (I think I used an offcut of raw silk)

the windscreen is made from a piece of perspex that has been heated to get a curve, The perspex I’ve used is a bit too thick so I’ve ended up with some ripples…

…Sod it, I’ll fix it later

I WHEELY need to get a move on… (get it? I’m a funny lady)

Mike basicly constructed the base of these whilst i was at work.

He used the thick UVA foam playmats that you can buy in tesco and heat formed them in to a semi-circle and used the same UVA matting as the face to glue it to.

I added the faceplates when i got home and used pipe lagging cut in half to make the tyres. we painted the tyres in a PVA/acrylic mix.

the wheel faceplates are made from a mixture of Funfoam and UVA foam, i then used a dremmal to engrave the detail into the cookie wheels


I (plus a small workforce of family members) spent hours cutting out various stars and sprinkles from multi coloured fun foam, we cut them slightly larger than ideal but with the convention being 2 days away i’m happy to compromise on the scale of the sprinkles in order to get enough to cover the area needed.

Also because nothing would glue to the silicone we needed to figure out a way of attaching the sprinkles to the car…
This could become an issue

I’m gonna frost you a little bit more 

For the section of the car that looks slightly purple I studdied the reference images and decided that i wanted wanted to get a “sugary” looking effect. 

To do this I decided to top the silicone with milti coloured micro beads. I actually used nail caviar in a few different shades of pink and purple in order to get a shimmery multi tonal effect when photographed but without looking like a harsh obvious line.

I added the microbeads using a salt shaker straight after the silicone so it would stick to it without needing to add more glue, in retrospect this didnt work as well as i hoped and i was shedding beads all over the place, thankfully i had put enough on so that it didnt look patchy in the areas that the beads had brushed off of.

I used an A4 sheet of funfoam as a template for the edges so that even if it did stick to the silicone it would be easy to peel off

Go Frost Yourself! 

Major kudos to my exHusband for helping me with this and for letting me do this in our tiny flat making it stink like wee and vinagar 😦

Wanting to make the frosting look as much like chocolate as possible i opted for brown silicone sealant. We put the silicone on by hand and protected oursenves with rubber gloves and facemasks, i used a huge tarp to protect the carpet and furnature in our flat because this stuff really does get everywhere!

I wasnt as happy with the look of the finished silicone as i thought i would be, I think heat forming vinal may be give a better result 🤔perhaps something to improve on in the future 

Freakin’ Genius!!

After throwing a masstve strop over not being able to get the frosting to look right I went to work in a huff and my ex husband took the task of getting this right for me.

he used 2 camping mats (from poundland) glued together with hot glue and heated them with a hot air gun until they were soft, then he molded the edges to drape over the corners as it would do if it was a fondant.
I’ve got to hand him the credit on this part, he done good.

Baking a car, filling edition 

Slowly gluing the sections together making sure the joins sit underneath where the frosting drips over the edge. 

I also used this as an oppertunity to size up against the cart frame and make sure the body sat high enough for the wheels to have a decent clearance.