Presenting… ME!


Setting up this new blog thing is actually quite hard work
I figured I’d set up a freebie account to see how i get on for a few weeks and if it works well I’ll upgrade to a paid account

so I have just recently attended the Midlands MCM expo with my boyfriend where we met up with some buddies we haven’t seen in ages, met some new ppl, took some piccies and went bowling until my arm nearly broke off, it was a great weekend away and now it seem I’m suffering from post expo blues, either that or withdrawal from loads of my mates, 

didnt get to see Hot Fuzz but hopefully I’ll try to get to see that this week,

trying hard to finish about 4 costumes for different events but have also discovered that with a mixture of costumes I already have I can create another 5 characters costumes, BONUS!!
my mum helps me HUUUUUUUGLY with a lot of my costumes but at the moment I’m trying to fly solo as much as possible.

I have a Coat that I’m Trying to make at the moment that I bought a pattern for but its just a little short so I’ll need her help with extending it but I want to do all the sewing myself, it’ll be quite hard as it has some decals that’ll take a bit of practice to get right but hopefully it’ll be ok

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