Am in work and….

everything is broken

the phones database and my pc has broken down….what a surprise
sadly that doesn’t mean we get away without doing work, it means we have to do everything twice

I’m tired and cranky, I haven’t been able to sleep properly and have a constant headache,
I haven’t been able to concentrate on any of the costumes I’m supposed to be making, I did make the pink scarf for the Matsumoto costume, but it was awful, the seams were sloppy and wonky and I didn’t measure anything
I just felt so crap, 

I did start on a paper mâché body for a Scrooge McDuck costume I’m going to try to fiberglass over the top of it for strength
although we made the mistake of using a heater to try and dry it… the balloon expanded and the paper mâché split, but it can be repaired, it’s only the base anyway, I’m sure we can make it smooth 

The BF has been really great, he’s been really supportive to me and my whole family and I really appreciate it, he’s never failed to be there when I needed someone,  I adore him I love him and he is my best friend

Thankyou to the BF

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