MinamI Fun!!!

All Awesomeness goes to the guys at Minami,

I haven’t posted in a week since I had nothing “non-emo” going on, (yeugh!)

The BF and I went down in the Friday, arrived at about 12:00ish, met with Alex, went to B&B, I got changed into lovely Inoue Orihme from bleach and the BF as JubeI from Ninja scroll, and headed out to the Novotel for the world’s greatest Minami!!!

it didn’t take long for us to find the bar, and after a few sensible beverages (yea right!) we were fully loosened and into the swing of things!!

we decided to visit the dealers room first off to see if there was anything exciting, picked up a few bits and bobs that I really don’t need but hey, I’m in the mood to spend some dosh!!

after some more drinks, poking a few ppl we hadn’t seen in a while and meeting a few new ppl 
(including a guy who’d changed his name by Deed Poll to Vincent Valentine!!)
we went in to the opening ceremony for a few giggles, we had a bash at the “shoot the Plushie” and I got to beat up a pinata, XD

both the BF Alex and I were quite shattered so we decided to crash at about half 11 for the first night 

Sat morning we went over to Minami in cos, me as Matsumoto from bleach (with an impressive set of fake boobs) and The BF as Kurosaki Isshin from bleach we had a great laugh pottering about doing various things throughout the day, I started to overheat slightly so I made a quick costume change into Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 1 and came back for more drinks, Jpop Karaoke, and the Masquerade!!

the Masquerade was AWSOME! we tried to take as much Video as possible and I think we got all of it, so if you want a copy of your skit/walk on email my fella the BF( removed email) and let him know who you were cos’ing as and if poss. your entry number and we’ll stick it on YouTube for ya!

just a few links for ya;

a subbed version of our skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I51HmfSUJQ0

Alex’s walk on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P3A3Uucq30

Awesome Princess Mononoke as performed by Rosie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIsy8SCREhE

Sunday was less Exciting, we stayed about until about 4 ish, mainly watching Oz feel rough, went to the bar for a large glass of milk (no really)
and played a lot of the Shonin Jump game on the game cube, and left to go home

now this is where it gets interesting,

At 4 ish it was really hot and sunny so we dropped Alex at the station and went to the shopping centre to get a mother’s day card, on leaving the shopping centre we heard a loud BANG, assuming we’d clipped a kerb we drove back to the Novotel carpark to check over the car…

We’d had a blowout so we called the RAC to help as we didn’t have the key for the locking wheel nuts to change the wheel, the RAC  were really good and took about 20 mins to get to us, it did take about an hour to an hour and a half to get the wheel off but eventually we got it changed, although limited to 50mph so we knew it was going to take a long time to get home, 

Tired and restless we got back in the car and tried to find a garage to inflate the tyres a bit more, after the 3rd attempt we found one and headed onto the motorway, after about an hour or so we realised we’d missed our junction and were heading the wrong way!!

We finally joined the M4 at junction 1 in London to follow the road home, finally an easy ride home…..(or so we thought)
after suffering the blinding sunshine earlier we experienced immense winds that nearly blew us of the road…Torrential Rain so we couldn’t see… and then we hit a snow blizzard that took all 3 lanes of traffic down to 30 miles an hour!!

We finally managed to get into Bristol at about 10 ish I had a quick hug with my mum to wish her a happy mother’s day and went on to the BFs to get some well-earned kip


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