~ Oh the Ire~

came back from Ireland on sat, t’was much fun

the BF and I went to see his sister and her 4 kids, it was his sister’s birthday on the Wednesday so we went out for some super lush Chinese! (Yums!), and the BFs eldest niece Nicola had her7th birthday party on the Friday and we got to go in the soft play as well!! it was loads of fun, the flight home was “interesting”  (not as bad as our trip to Prague with captain Kangaroo)very wobbly and bumpy and we flew at stupid angles 😦

but we’re home safe now, and I did manage to get me a super cool pink PSP in the tax free Dixons shop as well I’m loving Puyo pop Fever at the moment, its loadsa fun, and I got micro machines just to be a bit nostalgic, I’m loving HMV’s 2 for £30 deal and I think we’ll tour eBay and get some bleach games for the PSP as well (Naruto on GC was kinda fun) I’d be grateful if you guys can recommend any good games,

back at work today systems are working, phones are crap hoping to finish my Donald costume fairly soon and I need to get my ass in gear with my Sei costume, I need some black lining material, some black strapping, 2 black buckles as well as blue strapping and 2 red buckles

this is who I’ll be cos’ing as in may

[Burst Angel Sei]

so far I have the boobs, blue fabric and black PVC…… oh and the boots

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