Its official, I’m no longer a bum!!
I have now been Employed on a permanent basis by the ever so exciting company Cemex

It’s all to do with the building trade and orders of concreate and aggregates for building homes and stuff

You may think that’s kinda boring but they are gonna pay me 18k a year so I’m happy to do that sort of stuff, it also means I can save my pennies to put a deposit down and buy a house with the BF, I’ll also be able to retake my driving lessons and me able to afford to do all the conventions I want to without fretting  BIG YAYS FOR ME!! also unintentionally the building that I’ll be working in is next door to the BFs new job (and my old workplace) the RAC, which means I can pop over for lunch with the BF or my old work buddies

I’m going to have a rather busy weekend ahead of me, I have to finish Reiss’s ren Tao tomorrow but before that I need to find my dressmakers dummy and pad it out for a male form rather than the female form (it’s a good thing Reiss is stocky) and then I need to make a start on my Sei coat, the pattern I have isn’t long enough so I’ll need my mums help to extend it and I’ll me on my way, 
should I get anywhere with it I’ll post some preview pics up here and give you guys a sneak preview

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