Anime and Cosplay


as my new resolution to put more on my BLOG I start here, the wonderful world of amine, manga and cosplay,
I’ve recently come across a series called Clannad, I have yet to watch/read but have been drawn to it by the Doe-eyed art on the front cover and also the appearance of the FujibayashI twins,
I love the hair and the outfits and although they are twins it’s easy to tell who’s who, and you get a good indication of their personalities from their posture and body language

according to Wiki, “Kyou FujibayashI has bad attitude” I’m assuming she’s the taller of the two with purple eyes
Whereas Ryou Fujibayashi, (a class representative) seems likely she’s she smaller one who looks less mischievous,

I love the way they are drawn and the hairstyles, the outfits look less likely to be part of a school tentacle monster plot line, fitted – but not too fitted, although the over-knee socks snuck in there with the ridiculously short length of the skirt

but from the read up it looks like something I’ll enjoy reading or watching without having to lookout for the tell-tale signs of an approaching molestation,

next subject brings me to my current workings of cosplay, I decided (with the help of Stevie) to do SuperbI Squalo from hitman reborn
bad ass bad guy with silky smooth locks that even make GHD jealous,
I recently purchased a long white wig that I’m going to spritz with a bit of  silver to give it some depth,
the costume itself should be simple enough, I’m going to use some soft faux leather PVC because it’s really nice to work with and I can finish the seams up nicely,

I think I might struggle with the jacket,
It’s a 3/4 length double breasted military jacket with a collar,
there are no patterns that I can find for a military style double breasted jacket at all so I may have to wing it and make it up as I go along,
(I’m good at that)

the bit I’m most looking forward to is the belt buckle, I’m making 3 the same (for myself as Squalo, Stevie as Bel, and the BF as Xanxus)
I figured it would be a bit tedious trying to make 3 the same so I’ve make a mock up out of plasticine based on the pic below

I have a really soft air dry foam clay that I intend to push into all the details and bumps and try to make a mould make a mould as accurate as I can,
when the foam clay is completely dry, with any luck I can whip out 3 buckles the same and do any tidying up with a spatula



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