Cheap karts and Sketchy details

I go driving in my car… 

(Posted 2nd July 2013)

I got an electric go-kart base off gumtree for £20, I was originally looking for a pedal powered one but when this one came up for cheap I figured why not! It’s doesn’t actually have handle bars or a steering wheel but instead you steer with your feet and have a little accelerator switch that looks like it would be more at home on a pod racer… O__o

It also doesn’t have much of a frame beyond the back seat and centre bar, (I think my plans may need to be adjusted)

So it’s electric but it does have problems with the batteries so figure once I swap them out it’ll be good to go!! (As it turned out I didn’t bother replacing the battery and everything worked ok) 

Next I drew a scale outline of how I wanted the car to look onto lining paper and marked in the size and shape of the go-cart frame

(I picked up a roll of lining paper in the £1 shop and its the best thing I’ve ever bought)

I used this to see where I needed to add extra hight into the foam and where I needed to cut divets for the framework to sit. This doesn’t need to be perfect but you need a rough idea 


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