Stack o foam!

I know I’ve posted this image before but I figured I’d explain the image so you can see how I started the process,

I was originally going to use expanding foam for the body of the car but after discussing the project i realised the best way to replicate the look of sponge cake was to use actual sponge… well in this case old sofa cushions. 

So this is how many I got, they were mostly from an old sofa of my mums, they were in quite good condition so with a thorough spray with antibac I was happy to get to work 
Using my template, I carved out the begginings of the front of the car to form a rough shape (I thought the bonnet would be the most challenging section to carve so wanted to start here) I used an electric breadknife to get the basic shape and then finnished off with scissors for the minor shape adjustments.


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