A hack is a hack

So, I just moved house into a bungalow and have been working on turning my “utility room” into a small office so I can work from home.

After sticking an IKEA tabletop on top of both of the 2×2 Kallax units from my old flat, I was staring at the old Lapland TV unit that I was going to sell and thought “that’ll fit on top of I flip it”

So with the help of my nephew, I fit it in with 2cm to spare at the top and side. The last thing I need to do if mount a drawer front (that I also grabbed from the IKEA free parts bin) as a shelf in the middle for my 3rd monitor. The overhead units are only going to store soft toys but if you want to store anything heavier, I recommend fixing a support bracket to the wall.

I have more IKEA projects coming up as I sight to store the 200 pairs of shoes that my sister left me in her will. Wish me luck and let me know your thoughts.


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