MinamiCon… you better appreciate this

How much sewing have I done for Minami?

With the help of Mother Bradley, we did 489.6 metres… (That’s 1606 feet and 3.59 inches for you US, or old folk)

8 tables, 61.2 metres of sewing per table including overlocking and French seams. we went through 4 sewing machines, 2 sewers sanity limits

Per table:
16 side seams at 60cm = 9.60m
4 hem seams at 220cm = 8.80m
4 hem seams at 80cm = 3.20
2 overlocking seams at 200cm = 4m
2 overlocking seams at 60cm = 1.20
2 joining seams at 2m = 4
2 joining seams 60cm =1.20
2 top stitch seams at 2m = 4
2 top stitch seams 60cm = 1.20

(Vinyl tops)
8 Velcro seams at 2m = 16m
4 Velcro seams at 60cm = 2.40
4 corners at 10cm = 0.40

Why did I do this? I am sure if I had any sensation in my fingers… I would be pained. Ka Ho Chan Simon Bland Sook Meng Muk Philip Laskey this is your fault collectively.

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