The MoCo LoCo’s are having a party!

A shout out to all my Arty friends and those that appreciate Artisan crafts, this event is not something you are going to want to miss!

Some really close friends of mine have been cultivating an online art community over the last couple of years are celebrating their year anniversary of becoming twitch partner THIS FRIDAY where they have over 300 items of community craft works from over 80 different artists being given away for free!!!

These range from physical artworks, digital artworks and creative services

UK start time: 3pm and going to be going for 2 days with a short rest break in the middle

They are also going to be featured on the twitch homepage so it’s going to be a wild ride!

The twitch link:

This is the Discord link for if you wanna see what it being given away (in the PP party channel

(It’s quite high traffic so prep to have a lot of notifications from it if you join the Discord)

I will drop a few examples of what is up for grabs in the comments


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