Well they say bad luck comes in 3’s

And for me it seems to be no exception.

Firstly, whilst making the Kotatsu skirts for MinamiCon, my overlocker that had previously been a dream to work with decided to throw the timing out quite considerably meaning that is out of action until I can get her serviced (not an inexpensive feat with the current cost of living).

Then my Phone has a major crash and bricked itself and give me nothing but the Qualcomm crashdump error.

Saddle the Google backup is something to be desired so I lost a ton of data, and videos… Including my will and statement of wishes (which I didn’t backup elsewhere because I am an idiot).

And finally, to complete the trifecta, my trusty T420 laptop that I feel like I have adored for a century has started her descent into joining the great scrapheap.

She won’t recognise any microphone so all sewing streams will need to be put on hold until that can be fixed.

Not the best time for all 3 to go at once. Especially since I need to to dip into my rapidly depleting savings to complete a really exciting project that I was excited to post about.

TBC… The new studio!

Just a little 8×10 space that I can use to make things in, I won’t be keeping anything super expensive in there apart from an old bruised monitor that I can hook my laptop up to (when I get a fix or replacement).


Lets just put one foot in front of the other to start with and see how we get on.

For those interested in what my plan is, here’s a little scope List.


THIS IS NOT A LIST FOR PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY BUY FROM!. I have removed the delivery address for this wishlist so you can’t buy anything from it, it’s just a good place to keep a reference list of things I need to buy. Most bits won’t come from Amazon, they will most likely come second hand.

I will put some better drafts together at some point but for now, here’s a snippet of the plan taken from one of my streams.

Peace out homies x


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