A little update on the Studio…

I am getting there…

I have been clearing and digging the spot for it to go. I am continuing to try and level the ground before I start to dig foundations.

I have been donated some concrete slabs which will make the little path from the main walkway to the studio door and a thick waterproof membrane to make sure damp is at limited as possible. (Thank you Sharan)

I also got a delivery of OSB board (£28 per sheet) to fit on top of the crate and a large offcut of brand new carpet (£20) that is perfect size (pending a little trim) so the flooring is sorted. Both picked up from facebook market for super cheap so that saved me a heck of a lot of cash.

Ideally, the end result will look something like this:

In theory…

Thanks to Ikea, I already own all of these items so wont actually have to purchase anything

these are all Kallax or Kallax compatible items that we can use as is or maybe even hack together to make something awesome. I have planned out various hacks previously so I’m fully happy to go full mad scientist in order to get the sewing space of my dreams. <3.

But for now, I am tired, bruised from falling on my face, scratched from thorn bushes that I dismembered and very pink from the sun (dumb me ran out of sunblock).

I’ll take the weekend off and start again on Tuesday


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