I AM OK!!!

Hi all, just a quick shout to let people know I’m ok as i’ve turned Facebook on to find 50+ notifications and messages coming in faster than I can send them out,

I’m currently in hospital with vestibular Neuronitis and haven’t been able to contact people for about a week. :S

Please be reassured that I am ok at this point and its just taking me a while to respond to everything, I am being looked after by mummy Bradley and my big sister Caroline so am all good for the time being, I just have to wait for  an MRI scan before they tell me what I can do next

I’ve missed a few birthdays and i’m sorry if you haven’t had birthday wishes from me over this past week, much belated cakeness to you!! I promise I will make it up to you guys next time I see you!! Xxx 

Thumbs up for now, I’ll try to pull my head outta my butt and get over this pretty quick so I can get back to being my normal dinoriffic self 😃

Much love all xx


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