well this is a little inconvenient

Following yesterday’s painful episode, I spent a bit of time in the hospital today getting stabbed and prodded.

I’m now on lockdown 😞 I had to bargain with my neuro nurse to let me keep keep working by agreeing to work from home… I have a laundry list of things I’m not allowed to do though:
Drive 😩
Use the oven πŸ˜•
Use sharp knives 😟
Boil anything on the hob😀
Lift a kettle,😳
Shower alone πŸ˜‰ (this actually means without anyone else in the flat)
Go up and down stairs on my own 😠

This is at least for the rest of this week, depending on test results and potential steroids if my immune system is up to it.
Feel free to send me stuff to distract and cheer me up.


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