Long ass post, bear with me..

Today I went on adventure. I drove to the London Excel centre with my (legally defined carer) and bestie to get vaccinated.

I am incredibly lucky that Bestie and I have been able to get the vaccine but the reason for it is quite sad. The company she and I work for who assist is the distribution of the vaccine have seem massive wastage is London where people have been arranging appointments for vaccination and then either cancelling last minute or not showing up at all.

There are a concerning amount of people who seem to think this is no big deal because they have had covid and it wasn’t that bad…

Well. I hate to be rude (we all know that’s a lie) but I would like to personally ask those who feel that way to get fucked.

With the current medication I am on, there is a very high likelihood that if I get covid, I will end up in the ICU (you can look up ocrelizumab if you think I am being dramatic)

So please PLEASE take this seriously, get the vaccine if/when you can. Don’t make exceptions for things when you know you shouldn’t.

Just be sensible

I love you all! Don’t be a dick, that’s my job.


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