seems trivial to the non-Cemex-er, but Cemex block near enough every type of website you can imagine, games personal sites, shopping, all barred (strangely except eBay).

Ok well I’ve just had the call I’ve been waiting for, my agency have given me a call to say the (FINALLY) there is a position opened up in the legal department of Co-Op insurance,  I’ve given them all my bits and pieces and they are going to hunt down the bigwigs and make them buy me (in a matter of speaking)

I can’t wait!!!! so Excites if I get the job it’ll not only be at the wage I’m after and in the industry I want but also it’ll be at the end of my road!! it’ll take me 10 mins to get to work if I sleep walk in!!!

Also looking forward to Christmas!, I’ve done all my Crimbo shopping and am in the process of wrapping it up, I’m all done and stress free, also looking forward to having my brother over, he lives in London and works overseas a lot so I don’t get to see him too much, I’ve done a Crimbo stocking for him and the BF too, it’s not got a lot in really, just a few of the things I bought him for Xmas and a bunch of crap and sweets an stuff, not much but enough to make it kinda like when we were kids, I now just need a handful of nuts and a satsuma and it’ll be perfect!!

In other news we’re getting a new washer dryer delivered on Sunday… not exciting I know but if you’ve been round ours recently you’ll know how much dust our current tumble dryer kicks out, and for the sake of everyone being able to breathe over Xmas we’re getting a new one now,

Apart from that life is as the norm, we’ve been in our flat 13 months and are living in bliss, the BFs a tad worried about the rent but I have confidence that whatever we need will come along, anything more than that is a blessing.

Happy Sigh!!
(too lazy to spell check, Embrace the chaos!)


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